Wild Game

*Please note, you must phone us before bringing in your gamE*

Your meat, our flavour!

Widynowski's has been processing game for more than 20 years and you can be confident in our process and our product. 

Unlike many other game processors, we make your product in individual batches. Meaning, you bring in your meat and we process it on its own into your product.  We never mix your meat with other people's meat!  We know that you take the time and care to prepare your game and this effort will show through in your product when you choose Widynowski's.

We use our very own recipe to make your product which gives you a taste unlike any other. When you bring your game in to Widynowski's , you will be receiving a product that the whole family can enjoy. A perfectly balanced taste is created so that you get that game taste that you enjoy without it being overpowering and dominant. In this way, others, like your children, friends and relatives, will also enjoy the product you bring home. You also have many options to create and customize your game into the products that suit your tastes and preferences.

Getting the Best Experience

We want you to walk away with the best experience and product possible and there are a few things that you can do to help us accomplish this. The points below show how to prepare your meat and outline the process we use. The closer you follow these things, the better your experience and product will be:

  • Always phone before you bring in your meat to make sure we are not backed up and are able to take in your game.
  • We will not accept any pork to make or add to your game. Our pork must be used. 
    • Equal amounts of pork must be used only (Example: 20lbs moose, deer, etc. & 20lbs pork)
  • Your animal must be deboned and frozen prior to bringing it in. 
  • When cutting up your animal, please try and cut off as much fat as you possibly can, as the fat holds a lot of the wild taste. Also try to remove as much muscle as possible.
  • Let us know if your animal has a very wild smell so we can mild out the wild taste.
  • When freezing your meat, try and freeze in smaller amounts, (10 or 20lb bags or pails), the meat keeps better in pails with lids.
  • Your game must be picked up within 7 days upon completion, or you will be subject to a $5.00/day service charge.
  • A TAG, WIN and ZONE number must accompany your game.
  • We accept Visa, Mastercard, Debit, and Cash.  GST is included in your prices

For more information on pricing please feel free to phone us at 780-477-2851. Thank you for choosing Widynowski's!